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Family reunions are always memorable occasions, whether you’re flipping burgers on the back patio with your favorite uncle or struggling to escape a magical mental prison with your estranged siblings.

The Mikaelsons, naturally, found themselves doing the latter on Wednesday’s episode of The originals,  marking the first time all of Mikael and Esther’s (remaining) offspring have united under one roof — even in a spiritual sense — since the events of the Season 4 finale. And because every chambre de chasse comes with complimentary life lesson, the only way out was through a door locked by various keys hidden in “meaningful” places throughout a replica of the compound.

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Unfortunately, finding those keys meant reluctantly strolling down memory lane, which is always a risky venture when you’ve got over a thousand years of questionable behavior under your belt.

Klaus was the first to relive memories past, from the first day Hayley moved into the compound to the moment she settled on a name for their daughter. (In a bit of dramatic irony, it came about when Klaus told Hayley that Elijah once referred to her as “our family’s hope.”)