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About Lunathenoodle

It’s 2022 and going with the flow is no longer optional.

Over the last two years, we’ve all been forced out of our comfort zones, and viral TikToker @LunaTheNoodle is as flexible as they come. Luna rose to popularity after sharing her acrobatic abilities on social media.

To date, she has millions of followers on TikTok who are dying to learn more about the contortionist’s origin story. Here’s everything we know.

Who is lunathenoodle?

Although her real name is unknown to the public, her alias pretty much speaks for itself. Much like the pasta by the same name, her elasticity knows no bounds.

Despite previously being diagnosed with periventricular nodular heterotopia and epilepsy, she doesn’t let her doesn’t let the rare neurological disorder hold her back.

On TikTok, her followers watch in awe as she takes gymnastics to a whole new level. Luna is only one of the many renowned contortionists on TikTok — including Anna McNulty.

Anna even made a cameo in a TikTok posted by Luna back in May. She captioned the video, “So cool to meet the legend Anna McNulty and get to teach her some skills too after learning from her tutorials for years!”

Viewers will also notice a few NSFW videos on Luna’s page, as the “bi contortionist from Cali” isn’t shy about her sexuality. It’s no surprise that she has a pretty solid fanbase on OnlyFans.

From time to time, she also posts content on her 18+ Reddit account. However, she doesn’t seem to be active on Twitter.