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Bakayoko Arresto video and footage

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One of the shocking news that is surfacing on the internet right now is bakayoko arresto. People are really confused about the matter that is happening and hence they are looking forward to find more information about the particular keyword.

So, let us now look about bakoyoko arresto ad gather more information about the news-

Bakoyoko Arresto

Timoué Bakayoko , Milan midfielder, stopped by the police who mistook him for a cri8inal. The video taken by a passing motorist is making the rounds of social media and creating many embarrassments for the agents. The video also shows a policewoman pointing a gun at the vehicle’s occupants.

What actually happened for bakoyoko arresto?

The video shows Bakayoko, a 28-year-old footballer of Franco-Ivorian origins, stopped in the center of Milan and forced off a Bmv X6 SUV.

While an officer searches him, a policewoman points her gun at the other occupants of the vehicle.

A third agent, having ascertained the facts and identities of those present, reaches his colleagues to whisper something in their ears.

Hence the first incredulous and the then embarrassed reaction of those who had immobilized and searched Bakayoko.

The policeman finally apologized and patted the football player on the shoulder.

The case

The details of Timoué Bakayoko’s misadventure are not known at the moment, but the memory goes to another Milan footballer stopped by the police while driving a car in the Lombard capital.

In 2012 M’baye Niang , a Franco-Senegalese talent, was stopped by the traffic police while driving a car.

The footballer at the time of the events was still a minor and, therefore, without a driving license.

And here the coup de theater: to the brigade who questioned him Niang had reported that he was someone else, namely Bakayè Traore, his partner in Milan.

The lie, as is well known, only lasted for a few minutes .

Balotelli mistaken for a thief in his home

In addition to Bakayoko, another black-skinned footballer also had trouble with the police because he was mistaken for a thief .

This time the events took place in Cheshire, in the north-west of the United Kingdom.

Mario Balotelli , Manchester City striker in 2011, was loading some small appliances on his car when a security guard gave the alarm.

The police arrived at the scene within minutes and Super Mario had to prove he wasn’t a bad guy.

bakayoko arresto

Watch the full video here.

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