Wednesday, August 17, 2022

quin69 Twitter & Reddit Leaked Video

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Watch quin69 Twitter & Reddit Leaked video with a tape link mentioned in this article.

What quin69 Twitter & Reddit is Controversy?

It is the video clip named quin69 viral on Twitter and Reddit. In this video, girl was spotted taking mic in her mouth during live streaming and it made the video viral. The way she was s*cking mic, was clearly showing her s*xual intention towards the gamer.

Watch quin69 Twitter & Reddit video with a link mentioned at the end of an article

About Twitter

Union Minister of knowledge and Broadcasting, Anurag Thakur, aforementioned on weekday (July 21) that the ministry would take intense action against YouTube channels operating against the country’s interests by spreading faux news and info on the web.

While responding to an issue within the Rajya Sabha, Thakur aforementioned the ministry would powerfully act against the ninety four YouTube channels, nineteen social media accounts and 747 URLs spreading faux news and info on the web and got them blocked as reportable by the Hindustan Times.

He superimposed that the govt. would act stiffly against agencies operating against the country’s integrity and sovereignty. The Press data Bureau (PIB) has additionally busted faux news and 875 posts on its social media platforms, and these actions square measure taken below Section 69A of the knowledge Technology Act.

To check the COVID-related faux news, he aforementioned a zealous cell of the fact-checking unit of the PIB was created on March thirty one, 2020, to which individuals will verify data associated with COVID-19. The team has knowledgeable thirty four,125 unjust queries associated with COVID-19, as reportable.

Replying to opposition on the cases against angular position News co-founder Mohammed Zubair, the minister aforementioned it’s essential to differentiate between a fact-checker and people UN agency attempt to unfold false data below the garb of fact-checking. Anurag Thakur asked the ministers to stipulate the process to cope with those that unfold emotion and bad blood victimization their comments on social media supported that action are going to be taken, Suo Motu, against media shops.

Further, alternative initiatives undertaken by the ministry embody a quelling on digital channels, portals, associated social media handles running an anti-India agenda by spreading faux news. It began in December once the ministry issued directions for block twenty YouTube Channels and 2 websites operative from Pakistan.

Watch Quin69 Twitter and Reddit Leaked Video

Click Here to watch the Video

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