Sidemen Plus Leaked: Watch 4K+ Video

What is Sidemen Plus Leaked Controversy?

The Sidemen area unit one in every of the United Kingdom’s preferred YouTube teams. speech act over thirteen million subscribers on their collective channel, the organization is formed of KSI, Miniminter, Zerkaa, TBJZL, Behzinga, Vikkstar123, and W2S — all major content creators with legion subscribers, each.

However, some members of the cluster are running into bother on YouTube as lately. last, rapper, boxer, and influencer KSI has received many strikes on his second channel thanks to content from his older videos, sparking worry that the channel may get taken down.
It appears that this event has, a minimum of partly, driven the whole cluster to launch a separate subscription service only for their fans… and it’s got plenty to supply.

The cluster initial titillated Side+ in late August, advertising it as a replacement subscription-based web site packed with content solely for fans.

The site’s official Twitter page claims that fans can get to participate in special meetups with the Sidemen, enter contests wherever fans will win Sidemen record and attire, and even get entangled in special on-line letter of the alphabet & A sessions with the fellows.

That’s not all; Side+ conjointly seems to feature unexpurgated and under-the-table content from the group’s YouTube videos — therefore all those juicy moments cut for YouTube is viewed for those that need to check them. the fellows area unit even coming out a podcast to dive deep into topics and discussions they otherwise wouldn’t wear their main channel.

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