WATCH Navyashree Rajkumar Takle Video

A Belagavi horticulture department employee filed a complaint with the AMPC police station here on Tuesday, accusing

Channapatna-based social activist Navyashree Rao of extortion, intimidation, and making threats against her life.

In reaction to social media posts that showed both individuals in a private location, a complaint was made. Strangely, Navyashree has asserted that Rajkumar Takale, the complainant, is her spouse.

She declared that My husband’s name is Rajkumar. Undoubtedly, we are wed. In the next few days, I’ll talk about how we got married. He tricked me, though. When I give the press conference, I will go through everything,

According to Rajkumar, who was formerly Shrimant Patil’s personal assistant in Kagwad, Navyashree and he first met in December 2020 while working in Bengaluru. She identified herself as an activist and the founder of an NGO named the Navya Foundation.

Jayashree eventually became close to him. He said that Jayashree was aware of his marital status and the fact that he was the father of three kids. In a phone call to Rajkumar on December 24, 2021, while he was at home in Belagavi, Navyashree and her friend Tilakraj DT, a resident of Channapatna, requested Rs 50 lakh. A rape case will be filed against him after they showed him videos of their private interactions and threatened to send them to his wife and other family members.

Navyashree’s reaction

In response to questions on the accusations, Navyashree stated: “I wasn’t in India for the past two weeks. My knowledge of our videos’ social media success increased. I’m going to the city police commissioner to lodge a formal complaint.  Navyashree claimed that she was unaware of the complaint. She said, “So far, I haven’t gotten any calls from the cops.”