Kyle Kroll obituary: Kyle Kroll Cause of death Revealed

Kyle Kroll obituary: Kyle Kroll Cause of death Revealed

Kyle Kroll was Austen Kroll’s older sister, who was 9 years old. He recently mentioned her on one of his reality shows, bringing tears to everyone’s eyes.

 The businesswoman Austen Kroll is best known for joining the cast of Bravo’s Southern Allure in season 4 and making an appearance in Winter Home, a crossover between Southern Allure and Summer season Home.

Many of his fans might be unaware that Austen has actually had a very severe heartbreak in his life, despite the fact that on the surface his life appears to be as perfect as it possibly could be. His older sister Kyle Kroll passed away terribly and suddenly.

What Led to Kyle Kroll’s Death, the Sister of Austen Kroll?

Austen Kroll recently discussed the childhood tragedy that claimed the life of his elder sister Kyle Kroll in 1994, when she was just 9 years old, in an interview.

He acknowledged that he was just 7 years old when the incident occurred, but it had a significant impact on the rest of his life.

The first time he mentioned this awful occurrence was in the most recent episode of the reality series “Southern Allure,” where he revealed that while mountain climbing with his family in North Carolina’s Chimney Rock Park, his older sister passed away after falling down a cliff.

The barricades meant to keep Kyle, who was nine years old, safely on the trail, were breached by her family as they ran ahead of her. When the group’s adults realised what was going on, she had already fallen 200 feet down the mountainside.

 The fact that the terrain was slick at the time due to recent heavy rainfall is another key consideration.

He has a younger sister named Kaytie Kroll with whom he has shared several pictures, but based on the way he speaks about her, it seems as though he thinks about her nonstop.

Who was Kyle Kroll and what do we know about her life?

Due to the fact that Kyle Kroll passed away in 1994, when she would have been 9 years old, we can infer that he was likely born in or around 1985.

Her sister Austen Kroll was older than her. Tom Kroll, her father, and Wendy Kroll, her mother, are the parents of the child. She shares a younger sibling with Kaytie Kroll as well. It’s difficult to find specific information on her because her private life hasn’t been thoroughly profiled online yet.

 Therefore, we can’t give you any current information regarding her life. We will update everything that is linked to her whenever we learn more about her and her family.

Kyle Kroll obituary:

According to a report on the incident that emerged in August 1994, Kyle and her cousins were running ahead of the rest of the group when Austen, who was the 7 years old, jumped outside one of the barricades that ran down the routes.

The moment her aunt noticed this, she slipped and fell, according to Shane Earley, the coroner for Rutherford County.

Kyle’s injuries from the fall, which occurred around 200 feet down the side of the cliff, caused her death instantly, according to Earley.