Watch Trisha kar madhu ka gana viral video

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 Bold and alluring content may be seen in the Trisha Kar Madhu viral video. She is a well-known actor in the Bhojpuri film business, comes across as confident in her social media posts, and her audience has historically enjoyed her content.

Although her followers praised her for having a fierce and confident appearance, they were somewhat let down by the video she was in this time. A*ult actions are shown in the video.

Watch Trisha kar madhu ka gana viral video Below

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Who is Trisha Madhu Kar?

Girl from Bengal, she is 27 years old. In the Bhojpuri film business, she is regarded as the most audacious and alluring actress.

Numerous video tracks include her. She has two other hit songs, “Hum Hain Hindustani” and “Raja Tani Jai Na Bahriya.”

Arvind Akela Kallu and even Rakesh Mishra, two Bhojpuri film industry icons, were spotted with her. Along with her acting, she is also a major hit in the dance world.

What is in the viral video of Trisha kar Madhu?

She will be seen with a male in her viral video, and in a previous video, the two of them were quite close.

Whereas no one is aware of the boy, and she is now receiving inquiries from people who want to know who the lad is in the video she was in with the child.

Whoever leaked this video will be punished by god, Trisha Kar Madhu wrote in one of her posts. She goes live to answer questions from her fans.  People will do everything to obtain money, so what if someone harms his sister in the same way? I had no idea that the state of Bihar had such destitute residents.

After Video went viral Actress got trolled on Social Media

It has upset Trisha that her personal MMS video was posted online. Madhu may be seen getting some quiet time with her fictitious partner in the video. Madhu took to social media after the video was revealed to warn the users who, according to reports, caused the video to go viral. She did not, however, provide any information on who made the video or how it got onto social media. “God is observing everything,” wrote Madhu in a Facebook post.

The actress responded to the Bhojpuri industry in another tweet by asserting that no one in this industry is a saint. She warned that if anyone pressured her to speak up, she would tell the truth. In an apparent reference to the casting couch, she added that travelling to hotel rooms for business was preferable to doing so because at least she was with the person she loved.

Watch Trisha kar madhu ka gana viral video

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