Watch Mayengg03 Death viral video leaked on internet

On the biggest social media site, TikTok, a spine-tingling video recently went viral, grabbing everyone’s attention. Apart from the video, there is a Tiktok user going by the name of “Mayengg03” who has recently started to get attention online.

Most of the people are wondering how these two items are connected to one another. The video in question was first posted on this content creator’s Tik Tok account. Although the identity of the content provider is unknown, it is certain that Mayengg03 was the person who originally submitted the dreadful and horrifying film.

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 Mayenggo3 wiki, who is she?

The Tiktok user Mayenggo3 uploads a variety of dancing videos on her account. She is a young content and digital creator.

According to the reports, she has a sizable fan base on Tiktok, and many of her earlier films have also amassed a large following and receive a lot of love from her admirers. Mayenggo recently shared a video on TikTok that caught the audience’s eye.

What is in the video??

Initially, Mayengg03 was seen dancing to the song “I’m going in tonight” in that video. However, after a brief period of time, a terrifying scene that shocked everyone was added in its place.

 In that video, a man repeatedly [email protected] the neck of a girl with a sharp knife. No one could have imagined that a teenage girl would post such a thing on social media, therefore this horrifying video utterly caught everyone off guard.

Tiktok pulled the video from their platform when it became popular on social media and blocked “Mayenggo3’s” account as well. Furthermore, the police are making every effort to identify the true originator of the film.

The girl is only on Tiktok; she isn’t on any other social media sites. As a result, not much is known about her. Several months ago, a 16-year-old girl named “Kalecia Willimas” was witnessed being killed in a live video that quickly became popular. There is clear doubt that Mayenggo03 was not the girl beheaded in that video, and Spanish-speaking individuals were visible chatting with the individuals who were killing the girl.

One of the murderers was heard saying “Puto,” which is an English word for man. Whether the victim in that video is a boy or a female is not known for sure, though. Authorities from TikTok are looking into the film and attempting to identify who the genuine creator of it is.

Watch Mayengg03 Death viral video

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