Watch Gianna bryant autopsy reddit leaked

gianna bryant autopsy reddit

Eight Los Angeles County employees are the targets of a lawsuit brought by Vanessa Bryant, the late daughter of Gianna Bryant, for sharing pictures of her and her late husband, Kobe Bryant, with their friends.

In a Calabasas helicopter crash in January 2020, seven other individuals died, including Gianna and Kobe Bryant.

Employees of Los Angeles County are charged with taking photos of the victims’ lifeless bodies after the accident and utilising them for their own gain. So it’s common for people to post drawings of their bodies on social media.

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Autopsy results for Gianna Bryant Reddit and other social media platforms

Gianna’s mother, Vanessa Bryant, has sued a number of LA County officials for their actions before the deaths of her husband and child.

Her lawyer asserts that by taking pictures of her husband and daughter’s bodies and posting them online, emergency personnel aggravated an already-open wound.Vanessa Bryant is suing LA County employees for photographing and sharing images of her late spouse and children.

The widow of basketball player Kobe Bryant is suing the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for invasion of privacy because she is worried she or her living children may view the photographs.

In a horrific helicopter crash in January 2020 as they were travelling to a basketball event, the renowned NBA player’s daughter Gianna, 13, and seven other people perished.

A lawsuit has been brought up against exposers.

The case was filed in Los Angeles on Wednesday, and it demanded millions of dollars in damages for carelessness, suffering, and violation of privacy.

 Sheriff’s deputy Joey Cruz allegedly displayed images of Kobe’s severed torso to clubgoers in California just two days after the crash.

 Cruz was seated at the Baja California Bar & Grill in Norwalk when he was captured on camera reaching for his phone to show the bartender something on the screen.In all respects, the behaviour of these employees is unacceptable.

 To arbitrary people, they had distributed these photos. They have negatively impacted the family members of the deceased’s life. In the middle of a hearing that revealed images taken at the scene of the crash, Vanessa Bryant left the courtroom.