Zhongli x childe r34: Watch Popular Videos

Zhongli x childe r34:

Zhongli and Childe can be seen dining together at Wanmin Restaurant in the teaser for Zhongli’s movie. Zhongli purchases a pair of dragon and phoenix chopsticks for Childe as a gift using 128,000 of Childe’s mora. “Perhaps the Snezhnayan diplomat will practise utilising them,” the description reads.

 This is noteworthy since gifts of dragon-phoenix chopsticks in ancient China symbolised marital joy, and Zhongli, a 6000+ year old Archon, has been demonstrated to have a plethora of information about Liyue’s customs and keeping them alive.

The two can be seen leaving Liuli Pavilion together in the artworks created for the Stone Harbor Treasure Journal event. The final image shows them having dinner once more, and childe even gave Zhongli a wink. If you truly care about someone, offer them mora, according to Childe’s family proverb.

It has been discovered that the garter band around Childe’s thigh and the band around Zhongli’s arm are identical or strikingly similar. Coincidence? Not likely, perhaps with gifts!

Zhongli is pictured carrying a bouquet of flowers that is linked together by a jewelled string with beads that resembles the sign frequently used for the Chili ship in the photo that Mihoyo’s official Twitter account tweeted in honour of Zhongli’s birthday.

Zhongli x childe r34: Watch Popular Videos

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