Is Mona Kosar Abdi Leaving ABC World News for real?

Is Mona Kosar Abdi Leaving ABC – A vibrant and creative multimedia journalist, Mona Kosar Abdi is known for her mainstream work.

Aside from her work for ABC News as an anchor and correspondent for “ABC World News Now,” her friendliness and fun-loving personality have made her popular with viewers. As a result of her active presence on most social media platforms, Mona has even become well-known to the general public.

Is Mona Kosar Abdi Leaving ABC World News for real?

Her fans and netizens on social media have been startled by rumors that Mona Kosar Abdi is leaving ABC. The news that she is leaving her dream job that she has loved for many years has confused her viewers. The August 22 TikTok live video captioned “Anchoring my last show” caused a frenzy among her fans.

She didn’t discuss her decision further on her other social media accounts, including Instagram and Twitter, after the live video ended. The comment sections of her blog are filled with curious fans who want more confirmation about her decision. Everyone is shocked to learn about the TikTok video because there was no reason for Mona’s sour relationship with the company. In the meantime, everyone is waiting for an official statement to confront the truth.

Income of Mona as an ABC Co anchor

Mona Kosar Abdi is one of the most prominent names on ABC News regarding her two projects on the channel. She co-anchors”World News Now” and “America This Morning” with Kenneth Moton.

As a dedicated news anchor and correspondent for her employer, Mona gets paid impressive wages compared to her colleagues who have one duty to fulfill.

A Correspondent for ABC News is estimated to earn a median salary of $65,982 per year, according to Glass Door. Her impressive working background and additional job as a news anchor make Mona’s salary far more significant.

Due to her many years of experience in the field, the young lady has successfully landed a rich media career.

Why is she So famous?

In addition to her viewers, Mona Kosar is very popular among her colleagues, including anchors and media professionals.

It has been noted by many people that she has a fine personality and a smile on her face. On her social media, her fans praise her beauty and the positive vibes she radiates.

On the other hand, Kosar Abdi, as a public figure, usually hangs out with other media celebrities.

Mostly, her Instagram posts feature friends her age and sharing quality time with colleagues. Since she moves her home from one place to another for work, she has made many friends throughout her lifetime as a woman with a positive outlook on life.

Thus, the reason for her popularity among viewers of World News Now is quite expected.