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What is GeoGuessr all about?

Geoguessr is a geography based game where players are randomly placed somewhere in the world on Google Street View and they need to use their navigational and search skills to find where they are. The closer a player gets to the location the more points they accumulate.

The game is highly competitive and can be played in both single and multiple modes. Geoguessr allows you to travel the world, discover different cultures, and learn about world geography.

What are the benefits of using GeoGuessr with student in school?

There is the ability for teachers to create their own custom geography quiz games to play with students in class. Quizzes can include up to five locations accompanied with questions. You can set the locations you want your students to work on and provide specific questions to test their geography knowledge. Students do not even need to register to play the game.

GeoGuessr For Free: Play Now

How does GeoGuessr point system works?

Geoguessr’ s point system rewards 5000 points for correct locations and 5000 points for correct answers. When you first login, you need to complete a quick tutorial that introduces you to the basics of the game.

This tutorial is composed of three missions. In the first mission you are provided with a picture of a random location and you are prompted to guess where you are using the accompanied Google Map. Based on your response, GeoGuessr provides you with data about the correct location and the number of points you earned. The closer you are to the location the more points you earn.

How to host a quiz on GeoGuessr?

  • Log in to your Geoguessr account
  • Click on Host a Quiz
  • Click on Create a Quiz
  • Type in a name and description for your quiz
  • Click on Add Round and choose the type you want to add: Location or Question
  • If you click on Location you have the choice to search for the location you want to add or select one using a Pin on the Map then proceed to set Round time and movements (e.g., pan, zoom, move, etc).
  • If you click on Question, you need to type in your question and provide multiple choice answers including the correct answer then set the Round time. You also have the choice to insert an image to go with your question.
  • Once done, click on Save to save your game.
  • You can share your game with participants using a QR code or URL.


  1. What type of game is GeoGuessr?
    Released in 2013, GeoGuessr is a geography game platform. It uses Google Maps street view to showcase images, while players guess the location.