Watch Shilpi Raj Viral MMS leaked on Internet

Watch Shilpi Raj Viral MMS leaked on Internet

A personal video of well-known Bhojpuri singer Shilpi Raj that was leaked on various platforms is at the centre of the controversy. In the past, private videos of many Bhojpuri celebrities, including actors, were leaked and went viral. In this post, we will discuss the viral video that so many people are frantically looking for to see.

Who is Shilpi Raj? Her wiki, age and education

Shilpi Raj is a Bhojpuri singer and has worked on several Bhojpuri music albums. She was born on 25 March 2002 in an impoverished household in Deoria, Uttar Pradesh and is 20 years old as of now. She has always been interested in singing, and she used to take part in numerous singing competitions hosted at her school when she was attending classes.

 She relocated to Patna where she completed her 12th standard after completing her 10th standard education at a local school in Deoria. She used to sing in practice during her time in Patna. In Siwan, Bihar, Ramanand Swami taught her the fundamentals of music.

What is in the viral video of Shilpi Raj??

People on the internet are frantically looking for her video. Shilpi Raj can be seen doing intimate scenes in her video. A controversial video that purported to be of a popular Bhojpuri singer went viral online. Although this video has not yet been confirmed, she appears to be in a sexually explicit situation with her alleged lover Vijay Chauhan.

Watch Shilpi Raj Viral MMS


The reaction of Shilpi Raj after the video went viral

Due to the controversy surrounding the video, Shilpi responded to the online commotion in a live video. She could be seen crying and asking online users to take down the video.