Who is Santo Cilauro wife Morena Cilauro? Her Wiki, Bio

Santo Cilauro wife | Australian comedian Santo Cilauro is well-known for helping to found the band The D-Generation. Santo began his work in the entertainment world right away after completing his education. Morena Cilauro is the name of the comedian’s wife.

They are fortunate to have two kids. He writes books and does radio shows on the Triple M Network. Santo entered the entertainment business right away after completing his education to begin his profession. Tom Gleisner and Rob Stich, with whom Cilauro collaborated on shows and tours, were his co-stars in his first foray into humorous theatre.

Who is Morena Cilauro, the wife of Santo Cilauro? Her wiki, bio and Her Family

Santo and Morena Cilauro are married, and Morena is also a comedian. I’ve seen pictures of Santo and Morena together, and it doesn’t look like there’s much of a generational difference between them. The appearance of their wedding photo suggests that Santo, who is 60 years old, and his wife are in their 50s or 60s respectively.

family of Santo Cilauro

The primary focus of Santo, who also places a lot of value on his own family, is the flourishing family life of the Australian comedian. Oscar Cilauro is a talented young soccer player who is beginning to draw attention to his sport. Santo Cilauro, a film director, raised him as his oldest son. Because Carlo’s parents were Italian natives, despite the comedian’s Australian birthplace, he has some Italian ancestry.

About the illness of Santo Cilauro illness is it a rumour or he is ill in real

If we talk about the health of Santo Cilauro, then it seems like everything is in good shape and working properly. Contrary to what some people on social media think, he is not ill. He is still silent about his condition.

The net worth of Santo Cilauro – How rich is he?

The wealth of Santo Cilauro exceeds. In order to use the house as a vacation home, Cilauro, who is best known for playing Geoffrey Slater, the meteorologist in the ABC comedy series Frontline, purchased $2.2 million for a house in the gated community The Villas of Byron.