Zellsis Age: Twitch Streamer Zellsis Wiki, Bio, Net worth

People are searching for who is Zellsis and there are extremely eager to know about who the he is and what are the related news that the particular has. So, let us know more about Zellsis Age.

Who is Zellsis?

Stage NameZellsis
Real NameJordan Montemurro
Profession(s)Twitch Star,
Birthday2nd March 1998
Zellsis Age24 (As in 2022)

Zellsis is a popular Twitch star/channel who has over 20,835+ followers. The channel has 44,266 hours+ and 230 hours+ streamed hours.

Why was Zellsis Banned?

Many believed that the reason he was banned was because he was streaming shirtless after he revealed the news of his ban. Later on though, he acknowledged that it was as a result of his use of derogatory language.

His followers have been pleading for his unbanning on Twitter with the hashtag #freezellsis ever since the news surfaced. The broadcaster is a well-liked player on Sentinel and is renowned for his expert skills.

He has amassed thousands of followers on his account over the years because to his entertaining in-game commentary. According to the most recent information available online, Twitch has lifted his 12-hour ban.

Zellsis Age – How old is Zellsis?

Zellsis is 24 years old, he was born on March 2nd, 1998, quickly rose to stardom on social media.
Additional Information-
• In 2020, the formerly active Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player began his career as a live stream.
• Since then, he has taken part in a lot of competitions and has even taken home some victories. He enjoys a lot of popularity for his outspokenness and sarcasm.
• He left Counterstrike in 2020 to embark on a new career as Riot’s new tactical shooter. He changed once more the previous year after being selected for Sentinels before the North American Last Chance Qualifiers.
• This resulted in him gaining a sizable following and an increase in the size of the Valorous squad. Although his business life has been turbulent, he has been able to keep his private life out of the public eye.

Why Zellsis did got banned in 2021?

The broadcasting website Twitch has previously banned Valorant pro-Zellsis several times. He had been removed from the site back in 2021 after being accused of making sexist remarks regarding a tournament official

He expressed an opinion that was contrary to Riot’s VCT Global Competition Policy. Rule 7.1.2. According to the guideline, no one is allowed to use insulting language based on someone’s gender or race because doing so is a clear violation of the standards required of players on the

Valorous Champions Tour.

He had been barred from the upcoming Challenger Open Qualifier and Challenger Main Event at Valorant because of this. Later, Riot’s official ruling issued a statement announcing their suspension from Stage 3’s first Challenger Main Event and first Challenger Open Qualifier.

What is the real name of Zellsis?

The Twitch streamer known online as Zellsis is Jordan Montemurro in real life. The streamer hasn’t made his height publicly known on the Internet, like any other aspect of his private life.

He is well-known online under his stage name. On his social media profiles, he goes by his stage name instead of his real name.

People frequently enquire about his family and parents as he becomes more well-known online. However, the streamer prefers to keep them hidden to protect their privacy.

Zellsis Net Worth?

Although Zellsis, a Twitch streamer, hasn’t disclosed his net worth, he has so far made $59,302.90 from 59 competitions. Consequently, he also generates a respectable income from his games.
Jordan further advertises products on his Instagram account, where he has amassed over 16k followers. He also has a YouTube channel with more than 80k subscribers, which increases his revenue.