Watch Angelysc Leaked Video Trending on Twitter

.Angelysc is a popular and well known social media personality. She is famous for her bold videos. Recently one of her bold videos got leaked and that incident made her trending on the internet. Netizens are searching for her name to find the link and watch her video. In this article, we will talk about many important things about Angelysc and her viral video.

Who is Angelysc? Her wiki, age and bio

Angelysc is a social media influencer. She hails from MedellĂ­n , a City in the country of Colombia. Her real name is Lys Correa. She calls herself a Fashion model in her twitter bio. There is not much information available about her life and age on the internet.

About the leaked viral video of Angelysc

She is trending on the internet and people are talking about her because one of her bold videos has been leaked. In this video Angelysc can be seen doing intimate scenes. People are searching her name on the internet to watch her video and to get information about her.

Angelysc on social media

She is very active on various social media platforms. She has her account on twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, she has an Onlyfans page too where she posts her intimate and bold pics and glamorous pics. She charges $11.99 monthly to her subscribers and this subscription fee gives access to her bold videos to her subscribers. She is so famous on twitter, she has more than 200k followers on Twitter.

About the Relationship status of Angelysc

There is not much information available about her personal life and relationship status on the internet.

Watch Angelysc Leaked Video Trending on Twitter