Zeenat Simjee Husband (Affair), Wiki, Age, Net worth

Who is Zeenat Simjee Husband? Dietitian Zeenat Simjee works for the South African Rugby Union as a professional dietitian. Over the past three years, she has worked as a National Teams Dietician.

Previously, she worked at Nutrition Conscious providing one-on-one consultations, media consulting, corporate wellness, and sport team consultingAfter working as a Medical Delegate at Nestle for three years, Zeenat worked as a Private Practising Dietitian at Smarter Nutrition & Health in Johannesburg, South Africa from January 2015 to November 2018. 

Aside from working as a Community Service Dietitian at West Rand Health District in Gauteng for a year, Zeenat is also a Student Mentor at Stellebosch University as well as a Food Service Management employee at Louis Leipoldt Mediclinic in Cape Town.

Zeenat Simjee Bio

She graduated from Greenside High School in 2009. She was a member of the Athletics and Squash Teams at Greenside, played Netball, and served on the Johannesburg Student Council. Stellenbosch University awarded her a bachelor’s degree in dietetics/dietitian in 2013.

In addition, she holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Nutrition from the International Olympic Committee.

Zeenat Simjee Husband (Affair), Wiki, Age, Net worth

Zeenat Simjee Husband

There is no information about Zeenat Simjee Husband. However, Elton Jantjies Reportedly in Extra Marital Affair With Team DieticianA team dietician has reportedly been having an extramarital affair with Elton Jantjies

It was later confirmed that visitors to the guest house were shocked to learn that he was entertaining a woman other than his wife. He is married to Iva Ristic, his longtime girlfriend.

Zeenat Simjee Age

As of 2022, she will be 27 years old. There is no information about Zeenat Simjee’s birthday, but she was born in 1995.Simjee was born in 1995, when she was 27 years old. Although she does not have a Wikipedia page, Springbok’s news frequently mentions her. When working with her clients, the sports nutritionist provides customized nutritional support.She previously talked to Koketso Kgogome about her career path and misconceptions about her field.

According to her, dietitians should not be food police but rather educate other skills that will assist people to make long-term lifestyle changes instead of quick fixes.Although Zeenat Simjee’s Instagram is secret, she is following 19.1K and has 337 posts. Her biography includes both the Arabic and English equivalents of her name.

Zeenat Simjee Net Worth: Her Salary And Earnings

Zeenat’s net worth could be thousands of dollars as she has been a nutritionist for a long time.In South Africa, a dietitian can expect to earn about 61,300 ZAR per month. A salary of 28,200 ZAR is the lowest, and a salary of 97,500 ZAR is the highest. Therefore, Simjee is expected to earn money in the range mentioned above.