Rachel Levin Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Reddit

Rachel Levin is an influencer who is so strong and well-known. In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Rachel Levin was born on a Friday, February 24, 1995. Rachel Claire Levin is the name she was given at birth.

In high school, she participated in cheerleading, and Penn State was where she started her undergraduate career. On December 15, 2010, she released her debut video, which was titled “How To…Conceal Under Eye Dark Circles.”

 Rachel’s first comedy video, which she started to provide in 2016, was titled Back to School Expectations Vs. Reality! In 2017, more than 222 million of us were aware of Rachel’s YouTube video. 

She stands 5 feet 8 inches tall, is 27 years old, and has an average weight. Her exact weight is unknown. We cannot identify who she is just by utilising measurements. Her eyes and hair are both stunning. She started her career while she was quite young.

 The successful and well-known Rabbit Levin Race member Rachel is an American musician and YouTuber. As RCLBeauty101, she is well-known online. At an early age, she started working.

About the parents of Rachel Levin and siblings

With regard to her parents and siblings, Rachel Levin has not shared a lot of information. Her father’s identity remains unknown. There is little information available about her mother, and her father’s identity is unknown. The names of her siblings and any other details about them, as well as the identity of her father, are all unknown.

The Relationship Status of Rachel Levin – Is she single or not?

Tyler Regan is Rachel Levin’s boyfriend as of 2022. Sometime in 2017, they started dating. He’s an Aries and she’s a Pisces. The zodiac signs commonly regarded as being least compatible with Pisces are Gemini and Sagittarius, while the signs generally regarded as being most compatible with Pisces are Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn. 

Rachel is 27 years old, and Tyler Regan is 31 years old. There have been rumours that she had at least one romance before this one. She has never before been married. It has been around 5 years, 7 months, and 21 days since Rachel Levin and Tyler Regan started dating.

There can be several online dating-related rumours about her. It’s not difficult to figure out who Rachel Levin is dating, but Rachel has kept her relationships and personal life private. It’s more challenging to keep track of all her hookups, flings, and splits.

Total Net Worth of Rachel Levin – How rich is she in 2022?

It is said that she only earns $2.2 million a year and $6,000 per day from YouTube advertisements. Rachel also boosts her wealth by endorsing apps like Best Fiends or Five Star. A very promising newcomer to YouTube, Rachel gained approximately 6 million more fans in just one year. 

On her Instagram page, Rachel discusses how she likes to spend her YouTube earnings. When on foreign vacations, she likes to take pictures while near the sea and palm trees and while wearing her swimwear. She adores posing for unstaged appearances and is not embarrassed to show her face in public.

A video of Rachel Levin being widely disseminated on Twitter

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