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There is a lot of buzz on the internet about the shocking Bağcılar Olayı Twitter Sansursüz. Currently, there is a disturbing video going viral on the internet from Istanbul.

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Who is bagcilar olayi twitter? What is the video all about?

There was a horror event in Baclar when a drug-addicted man slashed the head of his mother and threw it on the street, while the murder video was released. The video of how he cut the head of his mother can be viewed on Twitter uncensored.

In the video above, you can watch the full story about how three people were detained for sharing the footage.

According to the Istanbul Police Department’s written statement on this matter, H.S (58) was involved in the incident in Fevzi Akmak.

Tahyun died of a stab wound at the age of 26 and moved to the district. 

What Is Twitter?

Twitter is known as a miniature contributing to a blog webpage. Writing for a blog has been around for quite a while. Typically contributing to a blog comprises of individuals setting up essential sites where they expound on anything they desire, whether it be governmental issues, sport, cooking, design and so forth. Posting a message is known as a tweet. Individuals make associations by following others’ twitter channels. When you click follow, whatever that individual or association says will show up on your timetable. You can tweet an individual by putting the @ image before their username.

Retweeting is likewise a major piece of Twitter. This is where tweeps, shoptalk for individuals who utilize the site, rehash tweets from different clients to their own supporters. A ton of action on Twitter includes the utilization of hashtags. These are handles used to total tweets about a similar subject. For instance, in the event that a many individuals were going to a gathering and believed individuals should understand what the speakers were talking about they would tweet to a concurred hashtag by utilizing the # image followed by the concurred name.

Tweets are momentary. In a flash, a tweet can make the world aware of calamities. Like in 2008 when Mike Wilson tweeted first about a plane accident in Denver. How could he be aware? He endure the accident. Or on the other hand like the Twitter client who tweeted from inside an inn in Mumbai as psychological militants killed individuals in the hall in the 2008 assault on the Indian city. Basically, Twitter is a type of messaging. Nonetheless, instead of messaging to one individual, Twitter permits clients to communicate their message all around the site. Also, likewise, it’s free.

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