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About Shyla Rodden Roller Coaster Incident

He and his family are traumatised, according to the eyewitness who unintentionally recorded the moment a woman was launched into the air by a rollercoaster.

Jordan, whose last name was omitted, told that only a handful of spectators at the Melbourne Royal Show on Sunday night saw what actually transpired. While his sister Chloe and his partner Alex were in the front carriage travelling around a circle, he was shooting the Rebel Coaster trip.

Shylah Rodden, 26, was hit by the ride when they did, lifting her several metres into the air before she collapsed.

Jordan claims to have seen the seconds just before the incident and “hasn’t slept since.”

As there was only one seat available, he explained, “both my sister and partner got called up to go on the ride before.

“My other sister was watching with me, and we had to wait in line for maybe 15 minutes before we could see them.

“We observed something fall from one of the rides while we were waiting, but we had no idea what it was. The vehicle my girlfriend and sister were riding in turned around perhaps ten minutes later.

“We saw a lady in an area where she shouldn’t be. A worker told her to get away but we couldn’t hear the whole conversation, she just told her not to be there. That person started to walk away and I didn’t think much of it.” One can easily watch Shyla Rodden Roller Coaster Video

He then turned his attention back to the ride his sister and partner were on and began to record.

Then, he says, tragedy struck. “It all happened so quickly but so slowly. All of a sudden, I saw someone getting taken up but at the same time I’m thinking ‘f***, my sister, my partner.”

The footage that accidentally captured the accident shows a woman standing by the tracks of the ride.

She appears to be looking down and doesn’t see the carriage – and its occupants – screaming towards her.

“She’d put her foot in between the post and started to bend down,” Jordan said.

“What my sister and partner have told me, it looked like someone had thrown themselves in front of it.

“But you can see she’d bent down to pick something up. I don’t know if it was a phone or what, but she was so fixated on picking it up that she didn’t even see the ride at all.”

When she was hit, he said, she was silent.

“I didn’t hear her scream,” he said.

“The screams that I heard came from onlookers, I think. It happened so fast.”

Jordan claimed that he had volunteered to speak out in order to highlight the first responders, an often-overlooked part of disasters.

The accident location was secured and people were being questioned by police and Show officials within minutes.

Chloe and Alex were among the passengers who were delayed up there for almost an hour.

But in an effort to make them more comfortable, employees manually moved them from the sharp incline they were on to a more level portion of the track.

They stayed up there for around 45 minutes, but Jordan admitted that it might have seemed like hours.

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