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About saltier_kitten

saltier_kitten also known as Alyssa is a 22 year old adult content creator. Her video and pictures went viral due to NSFW material. Her Twitter account has 23.7K followers as of now.

About Twitter

Twitter has just published the very first tweet that has been modified in any way, just a few weeks after the microblogging company announced that it was putting an edit button through its paces. On Friday, the tweet that was posted by the Twitter Blue handle was edited after it was initially published as a demonstration of how the feature will actually operate.

When the ‘Last Edited’ label at the bottom of the tweet was clicked on, it revealed the changes that had been made to the post. The tweet had a pencil icon as well.
The feature is still not accessible to the general public, and the company has not yet fulfilled its earlier promise to make it available to Twitter Blue users before making it accessible to the general public. At least in the beginning, users will be required to pay the monthly fee of $4.99 for the Twitter Blue service in order to access the edit button.

Earlier this month, Twitter announced that the beta test of “Edit Tweet” would first be made available to the platform’s internal employees, and then it would be made available to those who subscribe to the “Twitter Blue” service.

However, the Twitter Blue subscription service is already available in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The launch of Twitter Blue is still pending in India.

The company explained in a post on its blog that “Edit Tweet is a feature that allows people to make changes to their Tweet after it has been published.” “Think of it as a brief window of opportunity to do things like fix typos, add tags that were forgotten, and more,” the author advises.
The company stated that the revision would allow users to edit a tweet “a few times” within the first 30 minutes after the initial posting. Users would be required to note the changes made to the tweet in a transparent manner. This was done to “help protect the integrity of the conversation and create a publicly accessible record of what was said.”

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