Why Dream has been termed as “Ugly White Guy” by Twitteraits?

Dream aka Dreamwastaken is termed as Ugly White Guy by lot of Twitteraits.

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Is Dream a Ugly White Guy?

Dream is an Ugly White Guy, according to some Twitteraits. The Twitter has fight over two groups. Haters of Dream are calling him over hype person as he is just an ugly white guy making videos. While, on other side, Dreams fans are going crazy over his looks. People who are talking bad for Dream has a point that he acts racist and cheated his girlfriend. So, he is just a bad white ugly man.

The debate started on Twitter after Ludwig tweeted, “why are all minecrafters tall handsome white guys”. Many other people took it as a racist post and started trending Ugly White Guy for Dream.

Here what people tweeted about Ugly White Guy