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Following Monday’s climbdown over the abolishment of the 45p tax rate, social media was awash with people poking fun at the prime minister, Liz Truss, and her beleaguered chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng. You know that the first mini-budget hasn’t gone down that well when before you’ve even been in office for a month “resign” is trending on Twitter. You also know that the first mini-budget hasn’t gone down that well

It turned out that there were limitations, despite the fact that the leader in question had openly boasted about her willingness to adopt unpopular steps in the past. And while Truss and Kwarteng weren’t exactly making “sorry, it’s my first day, I’m new here” excuses, several people made it a point to point out that there aren’t many jobs where you can cause the Bank of England to have to inject up to £65 billion into the economy to stabilise it, and then simply just waltz on with it. This is something that Truss and Kwarteng did. One can now watch kywithda9 Twitter Video with a link mentioned somewhere in the article.

Jake Berry, the chairman of the Conservative party, made the following statement over the weekend: “People realise that when they get their bills, they have the option to either decrease their consumption or earn higher salaries or higher pay, and get out there and get that new job.” In addition, there is an abundance of guidance available on how families living off of government assistance may prepare boring meals that are barely healthy using the fewest possible materials in order to keep their children eating joyfully and healthily over the whole week. Some people considered the two to be related. kywithda9 Twitter user is now trending for his viral video clips.

Berry wasn’t the only Tory MP to find his comments of support for the idea over the weekend being flung back at them on social media on Monday. There were a lot of individuals who went to quote tweet and remind the levelling up secretary, Simon Clarke, about how his Sunday morning answer to a Liz Truss television appearance had deteriorated like milk that had been left on a windowsill in direct sunshine.

You definitely wouldn’t put “monarch dies, markets fall, and embarrassing U-turn on signature tax programme” down as a to-do item during your first month as prime minister, nor would you put “and now even the pizza delivery people are laughing at us again” on your list of goals for the month.

The social media brand managers at Domino’s Pizza had obviously looked at the most recent polls and determined that they aren’t going to lose customers by piling in on the government. However, they later performed a monumental u-turn of their own by deleting the tweet after they realised that they could lose customers by taking a stance against the government.

And still another dog with a pretty face got in on the act as well, echoing the government’s claim that the 45p tax cut hadn’t been a bad policy, but that it had been a distraction from their actual agenda. This dog had an innocent look, but he was in on the play.

In response to Dan Wootton’s outburst that “the political establishment and MSM who demanded a leftwing U-turn from Truss” had – “just like with lockdowns” – won again, the famous video of the GB News presenter’s private and very discrete laying of flowers at Buckingham Palace got a re-airing, with the caption being changed to read as his tribute to the short life of the 45p tax rate cut policy.

And will there ever again be a political issue in which someone on social media doesn’t bring up a footage of Joe Lycett’s performance on the debut episode of the Laura Kuenssberg show on the BBC?

Watch kywithda9 Twitter Leak Video