Watch Glock Ar 15 Photos leaked online

Over the past 24 hours, there have been a few pictures of what appears to be a GLOCK AR-15 leaked pics are floating around, and Mrgunsngear provides a pretty persuasive description of why this looks real.

Glock Ar 15 Photos leaked online

The images and earlier GLOCK patent applications seem to indicate that this is something that is truly in the works. If it is true, it doesn’t necessarily indicate that it will make it to the consumer market, but if it is, this is the first rifle ever seen with the GLOCK brand on it.

Glock might enter the AR market now that it has avoided the subject for so long. Images that purport to be of an AR-pattern rifle built by Glock have been leaked and have been making the rounds on online message boards.

If accurate, the pictures would officially mark Glock’s entry into the carbine market as they are said to be a part of a British Ministry of Defense contract search for a new rifle.

The SR-115F rifle, which has ambidextrous controls according to the photos, is identified by that name.

Whether the lower is constructed of the polymer [let alone the same polymer used in the rest of Glock’s products] is unknown, but it’s a safe assumption to make that it is. Due to concerns about reliability and durability, polymer lowers have historically been unpopular in the AR market.

The rifle has a future in the US civilian and police market, where Glock aficionados and strapped-for-cash police agencies [who take advantage of Glock’s low LE pricing] are more than eager to see the rifle hit the shelves.

Watch Glock Ar 15 leaked online