djvontv_ on Leaked Twitter Video of Chrisean Rock and Blueface

Watch djvontv_ on Twitter leaked video of Chrisean Rock and Blueface. One will get video link at the end of an article.

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About Chrisean Rock and Blueface Controversy

Chrisean Rock and Blueface are once more riding a wave of popularity that is steadily rising. Throughout the course of this year, the couple has been featured in the media for a number of different reasons for a variety of different reasons. The two individuals have had a difficult time remaining out of the public eye for a variety of reasons, including serving time in jail, engaging in conflict with members of their own family, and even sucking on their toenails.

In their most recent shenanigan, Chrisean, Blueface’s cell phone, and Blueface’s Instagram live broadcast were all complicit in some way or another. After what is being reported as a violent confrontation, Chrisean resorted to Instagram in order to vent some of the pent-up rage that he had been carrying around with him.

She made the shocking declaration in front of her audience, “I’m going to jail.” The woman who was born and raised in Baltimore stated that she had stolen her boyfriend’s phone and left him alone in their hotel room while she went out to run errands. She claimed that she did this because he was cheating on her with another man. After that, she accused Blue, whose real name is Johnathan Jamall Porter, of having an affair with a “broke b*tch.” Blue’s real name is Johnathan Jamall Porter. Johnathan Jamall Porter is Blue’s birth name and given name. Now, everyone can read the story and watch the video tape that Chrisean Rock and Blueface posted on Twitter that was leaked.

The reality television actress elaborated on their alleged conflict by revealing that she had smashed everything in their hotel room, which, according to her, almost led to her being imprisoned. She claimed that this was because she was upset after the supposed altercation. She referred to the conflict that occurred between them as “their fight.” After she started laughing, she said, “We had no choice but to rush from that hotel to another one.”

After Chrisean had been yelling for a while, the phone of Blue finally began to ring, and he answered it with great joy. One can now easily watch djvontv_ on Twitter video.

Karlissa, his mother, was the one who made the call to the other number. She was curious as to where her son was at the time of the call. When she enquired as to whether or not he was okay, Chrisean gave her a response that went something like, “Maybe, maybe not.” There’s a chance that I’ll just let his body vanish without a trace.” Lot of people are searching for djvontv_ on Twitter video to watch.

In addition to delivering commentary, she made the regrettable error of exposing a picture of Blueface’s daughter when she disclosed his phone while it was being live streamed on the internet.

Watch djvontv_ on Leaked Twitter Video