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About Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids All 72 Controversy

Due to the release of the new Netflix series titled “Dahmer,” which details the life of one of the most infamous serial killers in the United States, Jeffrey Dahmer has emerged as a topic of widespread interest on the internet.

The Polaroid photographs of his victims are a vital aspect of the show, as they were taken by Dahmer during his crimes. Back in 1991, law enforcement discovered the photographs hidden inside a drawer in Dahmer’s bedroom.

Now, members of TikTok have been searching for the polaroid photographs in order to post their emotions, which has led to others calling them out for participating in such a morbid trend.

While some videos have been removed from TikTok for being too graphic, others that broadcast their reactions to the photographs have gone viral.

One video that featured blurry photos had the caption, “TikTok took down the unedited one with 130K views.”

On Twitter, people voiced their disapproval of the manner in which some TikTokers participated in the fad. Someone wrote, “I don’t know why people are bragging about not feeling ill after watching the Jeffrey Dahmer video or seeing the real polaroids.” I don’t know why people are bragging about not feeling sick after watching the film or seeing the real polaroids. “Is it any wonder that you’re feeling queasy?”

Others emphasised the fact that the victims were real people and not fictional characters in a Netflix show by reiterating an earlier argument.

In any event, it would appear that TikTok is removing some of the films, but it appears that this is only happening with the videos that include really violent content. However, the reactions are performing quite well in terms of views, so it is easy to see why some creators are cashing on the trend despite the subject matter of the videos they are posting.

This is not the first time that TikTokers have gotten themselves into trouble because of Dahmer. The online publication of fan-made adaptations of the show in September prompted a significant amount of pushback from users of the platform.

Watch Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids All 72