Chelsie Kyriss Death: How did chelsie kyriss died?

Chelsie Kyriss was born on August 31, 1989 in Springboro, Ohio, United States of America. Her Zodiac sign is Virgo.

Chelsie Kyriss is famous for being in a relationship with NFL superstar Antonio Brown during her time as a teacher and sales representative. To learn more about Chelsie Kyriss’s death, her personal life and career please keep on reading.

Is Chelsie Kyriss still alive in 2022?Chelsie Kyriss Death news real or fake

As of 2022, Chelsie Kyriss is dead. She was found dead by suicide on a Sunday morning by her mother, April Simpkins.

She posted an obituary for her daughter, a few hours after the medical examiner’s office confirmed her death.

Even though it’s hard to believe, it’s true.

Chelsie Kyriss DeathHow did Chelsie Kyriss die?

The beauty queen Chelsie Kyriss died by suicide. She was 33 years old when she died.

She started dating Antonio Brown, an established sports celebrity, and their relationship made headlines everywhere. It wasn’t long before fans wanted to know more about Brown’s mystery girlfriend and her Instagram account gathered many followers. Eventually, she became a social media celebrity and made public appearances with her boyfriend. She was subjected to intense scrutiny regarding her personal life. She has been the subject of many articles and features over the years because of her constant presence in his life.

After six years of dating Kyriss, Antonio Brown left her to date Instagram model Jena Frumes, and Chelsie expressed her displeasure on Instagram. When Brown left her, she was pregnant with his third child and explicitly stated that he owed her and her family a responsibility to stay. Eventually, Brown fell out of love with Jena and returned to Kyriss. After returning to Kyriss, he remarked that it was the right thing to do, and his faith strongly compelled him to do it.

Public reaction

The public and private sides of Cheslie were intertwined. She hid the fact that she was suffering from high-functioning depression from everyone around her in her personal life.

During March 2021, Kryst revealed her innermost thoughts in an essay for Allure magazine.

It’s not always easy to disguise one’s discomfort with excitement; sometimes it seems like bad acting.

She confessed that every time she said “I’m turning 30,” she cringed. Society has never been kind to the elderly, especially women.

In the past, her mother always urged her to call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline for help if she was considering suicide.

On Sunday morning, Kryst jumped to her death from the W 42nd Street building where she lived, leaving a note saying she wanted to leave her belongings with her mother.

She gave no explanation for why she committed suicide in her suicide note, according to police.

Chelsie Kyriss Family

Chelsie Kyriss was born on 31 August, 1989 in Springboro, Ohio, United States of America. Her Mother’s name was Lynn Kyriss and her Father’s name was Todd Kyriss. She has an older brother named Christopher Kyriss.

She grew up in Ohio and attended Springboro High School before graduating from Sinclair Community College in 2010. She then earned a bachelor’s degree from Georgia State University Perimeter College.

In the same period, she started dating the sports celebrity Antonio Brown. Chelsie Kyriss and Antonio Brown together had three children namely Ali Brown, Apollo Brown and Autonomy Brown. Apart from this, Chelsie Kyriss also had two children, Kellen and Brooklyn Green, from her previous relationships.

Chelsie Kyriss career

  • In her early professional career, Chelsie Kyriss was like any other ordinary person. She worked as an assistant teacher at Adventures Through Learning, a popular day care center, while studying for her degree in 2009.
  • Even though Kyriss nurtured dreams of becoming a model, she didn’t receive many offers nor did she actively stop her career to pursue glamour.
  • Her career trajectory began in 2010, when she was employed at Baker’s Footwear as an assistant store manager and later as the store manager.
  • Kryst worked as an on-air correspondent for “Extra” before being crowned Miss USA in 2019. Upon graduating from law school, she joined Wilton Brands Inc. as a customer representative.
  • It was around this time that she started dating Antonio Brown and she became popular as his girlfriend.


Q1 – Is Chelsie Kyriss dead?

Chelsie is dead. She took her own life by suicide.

Q2 – Who was Chelsie Kyriss’s boyfriend?

Chelsie Kyriss’s boyfriend’s name was Antonio Brown.

Q3 – How many kids did Chelsie have with Antonio Brown?

Chelsie Kyriss and Antonio Brown together had three children.


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