Who Is Nick Flyger? His Career and relationship with Anna Meares

The partner of Anna Meares, Nick Flyger, coaches seniors at the national level in sprint cycling. His replacement as Cycling New Zealand’s sprint coach is Rene Wolff, who left after the Tokyo Olympics.

In 2022, the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham coincide with the selection of a new sprint coach, according to Roberts.

In addition to being four-time world champion, Anna won gold at the Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games in 500-meter track time trials. As the most decorated female track cyclist in history, Meares won the gold medal in the keirin at the 2015 UCI Track Cycling Global Championships. Now let’s learn more about Who Is Nick Flyger? His Career and relationship with Anna Meares in detail below, keep reading!

Nick Flyger Wiki

Full NameNick Flyger
professionNational Senior Track Sprint Cycling Coach at Cycling Australia
educationVictoria University
wifeAnna Meres
ChildrenEvelyn Bette Meyers Flyger

Anna Meares and Nick Flyger’s Relationship

Since 2015, when she divorced her first husband Mark Chadwick, the cycling champion has dated racing sprint coach Flyger. The marriage of Mark and Anna ended in divorce after nine years together.

Anna confirmed her pregnancy with her partner Nick in September 2019. It is clear that Anna and Nick dated for a while before getting married, despite not sharing much about their first meeting. They exchanged their wedding vows at a small ceremony.

During the year 2020, Olympic gold medalist Anna Meares welcomed her first child, Evelyn Bette Meares Flyger, with her partner, Australian sprint cycling coach Nick Flyger.

In an Instagram post, Anna wrote, ‘The day I became a mother was better than any award or distinction I have ever received.’

She and her partner Nick Flyger are currently handling motherhood well together and switching off responsibility for the infant so one of them can rest.

Nick Flyger’s Successful Career:

A well-known cycling figure in the community, Nick Flyger, is Anna Meares’ partner. LinkedIn describes Nick as a coach at “Cycling Australia” for senior track sprint cycling.

The national level of track sprint cycling is coached by Nick.

Coach Nick is employed by “Cycling Australia” as a National Senior Track Sprint Coach.

Flyger, a New Zealand native, has worked with Cycling Australia’s sprint program for the past ten years. His parents were from Greymouth and Nelson, respectively. After graduating from Otago University, he taught physical education before moving abroad.

He then joined the Australian Institute of Sport’s Cycling Australia programme as a biomechanics expert before moving to Malaysia to work for the National Sports Institute of Malaysia. His experience as a Senior Physiologist there preceded his starting as a full-time track sprint instructor in 2016.

The organization’s sprint coach, Rene Wolff, left following the Tokyo Olympics, and Nick replaced him. As Dr. Robbers points out, competitions like the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham coincide with the selection of a new sprint coach.

His early career also included work as a senior biomechanist and assistant lecturer. A master’s degree in physics and engineering in biomechanics was awarded to Nick by the University of Otago.

How Rich Is He? Nick Flyger Net Worth:

Nick Flyger is estimated to have a net worth of $1.5 million. His primary source of income is as a National Senior Track Sprint Cycling Coach, and he has made a sizable fortune up to this point. As a husband and father, he is happy with the salary he earns and lives a fulfilling life with his spouse and child.


Q1 – Who is the partner of Anna Meyers is Nick Flyger?

Nick Flieger is Meyers’ cycling coach. The new sprint coach of Cycling New Zealand replaces René Wolff, who moved after the Tokyo Olympics.

Q2 – What is the name of the daughter of Anna Meyers and her partner Nick Flagger?

The daughter of Anna Meyers and Nick Flyger is Evelyn Bette Meyers Flyger. She was born in 2020.