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Know about Mike Itkis Leaked Tape Controversy

One Manhattan contender is getting close to the end of the 2022 election season, and he is hopeful that the latest filthy act he has pulled will either help him win the election or at the very least get his name out there.

Mike Itkis is a candidate in New York’s 12th district, where he is mounting a long shot bid to unseat Rep. Jerry Nadler, a veteran Democrat who won a primary in June over fellow NYC political bastion Carolyn Maloney. Itkis is running against Nadler in the race for the seat currently held by Carolyn Maloney. Itkis, who is running as an independent, is advocating for the legalisation of s*x work as part of his campaign platform. He views s*x positivity as one of the most important issues facing the country today.

Itkis was willing to expose himself completely in order to demonstrate that he is more than just talk, but not in an interview. The candidate recorded and distributed a s*x tape that he had made with an adult film actress in the hopes that it would increase his popularity and bring his name into the contest for the election.
During an interview with City & State, the cybersecurity specialist who also has the rank of major in the United States Army Reserves referred to the film he uploaded to a pornographic website as a “discussion piece.”
“If I were to only talk about the topic, it wouldn’t convey the level of devotion I have to the matter. And the fact that I actually did it was a significant learning experience, and it actually influenced goods that are available on my platform “he stated to the media source.

Itkis presents himself on the campaign website for his candidacy as a “candidate for the independent liberal party who is single and does not have children. No kids. Not celibate. Atheist.”

Although he does not go into great length about some of his positions, it appears that s*x positivity is one of his main topics that he discusses on his website. Other than cybersecurity, this topic is addressed by him. His website asserts that he is a supporter of reproductive autonomy and that he would like to “redefine abortion debate as a right to unintended s*x.”‘

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Watch Mike Itkis Leaked Tape