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On October 16, renowned Twitch streamer Kaitlyn “Amouranth” had an emotional moment after having a phone call with her spouse live on broadcast. During the video, she broke down in tears and had a moment of vulnerability.

The streamer’s husband made some disturbing statements during an argument they had, during which he threatened to kill the streamer’s dogs and take all of their money.
A few moments after the phone call, Amouranth recounted the abusive texts that she had received from her husband. She showed conversations in which the other person threatened to throw away her belongings and merchandise if she did not answer to his messages. In the messages, the threat was made when she did not respond to the other person.

The show that Kaitlyn did on October 16 became extremely popular on the internet after she admitted that she had been assaulted by her husband. During the course of the livestream, the internet personality, who is 28 years old, at one point enquired as to the reason why her spouse had threatened to murder her dogs:

Kaitlyn opened up about her personal finances, revealing that her husband managed all of their accounts and had access to all of their financial information. She stated that the latter had threatened to only leave her with one million dollars, and that he would take the rest of the money. One can go and watch Amouranth Leaked Video and Chat in the blog.
During the aforementioned webcast, Kaitlyn made use of the occasion to display the abusive texts that she had received from her husband. She then proceeded to read out loud some of her partner’s nasty texts.

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