Watch Britney Spears Instagram Deleted Picture

Britney Spears recently posted a n*de picture on Instagram and due to which her Instagram account might got deleted later. But, her picture is viral on Twitter.

About Britney Spears

Britney Spears has been quite vocal and active on her social media accounts ever since her conservatorship was lifted after a period of 13 years. Some of the content that she shares on her social media accounts includes n*ked images that are uploaded to Instagram.
It would appear like Vogue Williams is not going to put up with this at all. The host of the podcast titled “My Therapist Ghosted Me” is known for being outspoken about her ideas, particularly those that she expresses in the podcast that she co-hosts with the comedian Joanne McNally.

Williams has expressed that she finds all of it to be a bit overwhelming, despite the fact that many people find it inspiring that Spears is empowering herself by posting photos of her body and that they support her decision to do so.
During an appearance on her podcast, she expressed her disgust with the n*ked photographs by saying, “I’m not being cruel, okay? Simply put, I don’t want to be confronted by the bare bodies of other people “.

She continued by explaining that while she loves the pop icon, she also loves and cares for her children, and she stated that while she feels love for her children, she also loves the pop icon “I do feel sorry for her children because of how upset they were about the n*ked sht that their mother posted online. She keeps, like, pushing more on it even when people tell her they’re upset by the n*ked sht that she posts online “.
At some point, she reached a point where the things that Spears was posting started to irritate her to the point that she actually unfollowed her “Sometimes I’m just like ‘ugh, not again.’ So I did it. I decided to stop following Britney. I couldn’t get out of it. It had to be done “.
However, co-host Joanne McNally provided some perspective on the situation and encouraged Williams that Spears is merely expressing herself after being confined for such a long time. McNally said that Spears has been holding back for so long that she is simply expressing herself. She cautioned the group, saying, “Lads, we all need to step very gently around poor Britney.”
She went on to say, “It seems like she’s been suppressed, at least that’s the impression I get from her. She has the impression that her voice is being silenced without her will. At this point, all she can do is scream from the rooftops. She desires to be able to express herself, and a component of that includes being n*ked “.

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