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The new album of Lana Del Ray leaked online.

This week, Lana Del Rey used Instagram to post a series of videos outlining how her laptop, hard drives, and camcorders were taken from her car when she was out and about in Los Angeles’ Melrose Place.

As a result, the celebrity revealed that she had lost a 200-page manuscript for her upcoming Simon & Schuster book and would have to start over. And even after she remotely deleted the laptop’s data, Del Rey said that unreleased music is still being posted online.
She pleaded with her followers, “Please don’t listen to the music if you hear it since it isn’t coming out yet.” And speaking of the book, I devoted a lot of love and emotion to the one that I misplaced. We’ll have to wait and see what happens with the camcorders.

On the plus side, Del Rey will soon appear on the song “Snow on the Beach” from Taylor Swift’s upcoming album Midnights. One of the greatest musical artists of all time, according to Swift, is her colleague. It is a luxury and an honour for me to share space and time with her. A Friday midnight arrives (Oct. 21).

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