Watch Notti Osama death video footage twitter

In an interview on TikTok, Notti Osama’s brother DD Osama talked about the rapper’s death, saying if he had been there, his brother would still be alive.

In July 2022, Notti Osama was stabbed to death after a fight broke out between him and a 15-year-old. In a video, Notti’s brother DD Osama, an aspiring drill rapper, addressed his death.

Who is Notti Osama?

A video of DD Osama spoke about his brother’s death on What NYC Sounds Like’s TikTok channel. When he heard of the stabbing on his phone, the rising rapper held back tears.

“I was still wondering if I should stay,” he said in the video. “He would really be here today if I just stayed with him more time.”

DD denied the insinuation he left Notti, explaining: “If I were there on the scene, he would be here now.”.

Notti Osama death video footage twitter

“His claim of knowing the victim only adds to the folly of this heinous crime.” Nouti Osama is 14 years old and from New York City. There is a belief that this is what ignited the tragic controversy.

Two weeks ago, Osama released his new song “Without You” with pictures of his brother. He was an intelligent and friendly boy who enjoyed spending time with his family, according to Osama’s cousin Lily Ortega.

As Osama’s career has just begun, he has not disclosed his job, educational background, or family. As soon as the rapper’s death was announced, taxes started coming in Manhattan held a candlelit memorial service. He has a million dollar smile, according to a friend. Reyes, according to the unnamed individual, is determined to become a rapper and works hard every day to achieve his goal.

Watch Notti Osama death video footage twitter