Watch @so_youjaade Twitter Leaked Video

Watch @so_youjade Twitter Leaked Video – Ohsoyoujade is Trending a lot on the internet as one of her n_de video got leaked on twitter. Many users believes that it was not an accident, it was intentionally to gain an instant attention from people. However, whatever the reason is; the truth is her video got leaked.

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Who is @so_youjade?

Her Instagram account _ohsoyoujade has over 1.7 million followers and she posts lifestyle and beauty photos. She also co-owns a 100% human hair wig company with her sister Baddie Gi, The B3auty Box.

Cardi B was accused by her and Baddie Gi of arranging attacks at Angels, and she has been charged in relation to two separate incidents.  A daughter lives with her. A relationship between her and rapper 6IX9INE began in 2018, but ended in 2021.

With clients such as Lamar Odom, Fetty Wap, and Floyd Mayweather Jr., the Angels Strip Club has attracted a number of celebrities.

More about so_youjade twitter

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Watch @so_youjaade Twitter Leaked Video