Watch Xqc Kisses Nyyxxii Video

Watch Xqc Kisses Nyyxxii Video below – It has been rumored that Canadian Twitch star xQc and UK streamer NYXXII are in a relationship and they announced it on November 1. This follows just days after xQc dismissed the speculation that he and Adept were back together. It was clear to both of them when NYYXXII made an appearance on NYY’s stream on November 1 that they are more than just friends with each other.

On the morning of October 31, Adept showed up at xQc’s house early in the morning and had some drama with his former long-term partner over a matter that has not been resolved. The fact that Adept implied that she owned xQc’s McLaren supercar caused a lot of anger among his fans, even though they seem to be on good terms.


As many of you know, NYYXXII is an English Twitch streamer with over 300,000 followers, and he appeared on a podcast/dating show where he interacted with xQc (at least publicly).

After she appeared on Felix’s broadcast, spamming the term “W Rizz” – a term popularized by Kai Cenat’s stream – fans guessed there might be something going on between them.

XQc’s latest stream was the topic of the pair’s discussion before answering the chat’s questions. It is generally acknowledged that xQc’s fans are happy in general for him, regardless of the drama associated with his previous relationship.

Due to their almost identical hairstyles, others joked that xQc had kissed a mirror since their hairstyles were almost identical.

As she left the room, xQc jokingly joked, “I’m on my grindset,” as she walked out of the room. Immediately following that, I turned off NYYXXI’s headphones so that I could listen to Future’s song without being heard.

Watch Xqc Kisses Nyyxxii Video