Watch Ludwig Leaked Twitter Picture

Scroll down to Watch Ludwig Leaked Twitter Picture – When Twitch star “Ludwig” Agren received donations, he was stunned by the hilarious punchline. There’s no doubt that Jump King has become one of the most popular platformers on Twitch streamers, where objects require incredible patience and mastery on the part of the streamers.

Ludwig, a Twitch star, recently made headlines when he shared a picture on his Twitter account that attracted attention.

When xQc’s livesteam of Jump king ended in disaster on August 11, the livestream was the result of one of xQc’s moments of rage. The Twitch streamer Ludwig also streamed Jump King on August 14, and his stream also had an interesting moment, but he didn’t cause it with the game itself, but rather with donations from viewers.

He added: “Hey Luther, are you planning on making another stream for you to blow up those spheres yet?” he asked Luther. I’m not sure what it was called, but I can’t remember what it was called.”

In keeping with Ludwig’s demeanor, he answered honestly and continued to maintain: “Mumbling? The marbles. Yes, that is exactly right. Marbles get old after a while.”

However, moments after the donor finished his joke, the gavel fell, and the voice of the text-to-speech system said: “You have bullets in your mouth.”. So that’s the moment when by showed his balls mistakenly.

The streamer was speechless once he realized that he had been brought directly to the crux of the classic joke. According to the donation, Ludwig made a stream where he raced marbles against each other to the finish line, with each marble having a different order that Ludwig had to write so that he could race it to the finish line. The actions he takes range from scratching racing stripes on his head to paying his Twitch moderators for the time they dedicate to his Twitch channel to name a few.

In the future, Ludwig should be careful to avoid using the word “murmur” when referring to donations, since doing so could prove to be disastrous for him. So that’s the moment when by showed his balls mistakenly.

Watch Ludwig Leaked Twitter Picture