Fightsr4us Twitter: Watch College Fights Video

The Twitter Account named as fightsr4us is getting viral after many college fights video getting retweets.

Watch Fightsr4us Twitter Fights in this article.

About Fightsr4us

Fightsr4us is a Twitter account with 25.6K followers as of Nov 2022. The account has lot of fights video tweeted and retweeted. People are actually finding it very engaging and loving it.

These videos are of fights between girls. Most of the college fights engage in fights where some people around them shoot video and share with this Twitter account Fights4u. Some people may find it cruel to watch but lot other people are enjoying it.

Now the page is pretty popular among teens and college students that whenever they noticed any fights between girls from their college, they shoot video and share with it.

Watch Fightsr4us Twitter Videos