Watch Oxlade Tape Video Leaked Online

The multi-talented Nigerian singer shocked the internet by leaking his tape on Snapchat. Various reactions emerged online as no one knew if it was intentional or not. A strange lady who participated in the tape or sensational intercourse content with Oxlade posted an earlier video on her TikTok teasing who she would be having intercourse with, along with his pictures.

Oxlade deliberately recorded the video, as shown in the video and since then Nigerians have taken to social media to express their outrage at the Oxlade leaked tape that has surfaced online on Wednesday.

What is the controversy of Oxlade tape?

A Snapchat video showing the singer Oxlade engaging in intercourse with an unidentified woman appears to have leaked online. 

The video was reportedly sent as a streak on Snapchat, from which it was recorded and uploaded online. 

There has been mixed reaction to the videos, with some users praising the singer for his s*xual prowess and others condemning him, demanding that he be treated like Tiwa Savage when she was blackmailed. 

Oxlade apologized with his fans:

After the tape was leaked on Wednesday, Oxlade posted an apology on his Twitter account and Instagram account on Saturday evening.

He apologized for publishing such material willfully because he is not a person who would do such a thing. He apologized to the lady in the tape and to his “fans and well-wishers” after hinting at being betrayed by the person or persons who released the video.

Further he stated, as a small business owner, I am conscious of the fact that my business is in the public eye, and I am not the type to openly promote my personal brand. There are real betrayals, and in the same token I apologize to the woman in the video, who did not deserve such exposure, and I apologize to my fans and well-wishers,” he wrote in the apology.

Watch Oxlade Tape Video Leaked Online