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A video has been trending on social media called “Watch Expo Valencia 2022 Video Viral”, in which two friends were fighting in a friendly way, but one of the friends hit his friend hardly on the face with his fist, causing him to die on the spot.

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In a fight between two best friends, a fatal blow ends the fight. As reported by activists from the State Security Committee, a man was beaten to death last night in the Manuel J. Cloutier neighborhood, but the suspect was caught by state police, according to activists.

At 10:10 p.m., a homicide occurred at Bernardino Gualtoy and Central Mesa, where Brian Gerardo M. was fighting with Jonathan C. Jefe, according to the CoES Commander.

According to the state attorney general’s office, an ambulance arrived at the scene, but nothing was done for the victim, who died almost immediately.

Fight Between Best Friends Ends In Death Gore, after they drank beer and chatted about it, it made itself felt. A murder investigation was conducted by the Northern District Attorney’s Office for Crimes Against Life in May.

Watch Expo Valencia 2022 Viral

Sadly, there was a tragic end to the duel between two friends in street boxing. One of two friends died in an accident in the Dominican Republic’s province of Hato Mayor. There are various accusations against Julio C├ęsar Palmero, the injured one, and Randy Johnson, or RGT, since the partner who caused the knockout has been identified in Best Friends Fight Ends in Death Gore, as the one who caused the knockout.