Watch DJ Sumbody Dead Body Pics

Watch DJ Sumbody Dead Body Pics below – Leaked pictures of DJ Sumbody’s dead body have appeared online at a time when the country is still in mourning over the loss of the talented DJ and his bodyguard. This article will provide you with information on DJ Sumbody’s dead body as well as other information about him that we have gathered.

Who was DJ Sumbody?

The South African disc jockey producer DJ Sumbody, whose birth name is Oupa John Sefoka, is regarded as one of the greatest disc jockey producers in history. Having found his calling at an early age, he started plowing straight into the world of music as soon as he could.

There are two songs that have made him famous, Ayepyep, with DJ Tira, Thebe, and Emza, and Monate Mpolaye, with Cassper Nyovest and Thebe.

Despite the fact that his parents would have preferred he complete his university education, DJ Sumbody has other ideas and a firm faith in the call of music upon his life. In order to pursue his passion for music, he ditched his studies and devoted his time to music. A result of this has been the early success of the Pretoria-born musician.

How did DJ Sumbody died?

There are still a lot of details surrounding the incident that led to the death of the late finest DJ, but following the unfortunate incident that resulted in the two of them being killed on Sunday morning, social media has managed to uncover inside footage and pictures of them.

These images depict the deceased musician and his driver behind the wheel, still stuck in their seats. A bloody smear covers the two deceased. Apparently, there was another passenger in the back seat, who is believed to be DJ Sumbody’s bodyguard, and who miraculously survived the barrage of bullets. We do not yet know who the third person is.

While travelling from Newscafe on Woodmead Road, Oupa John Sefoka, the musician behind “Monate mpolaye”, “Suka emabhozeni”, “Iyamemeza”, and “Azul”, was shot and killed by a hail of bullets. One of the many conspiracy theories surrounding Sumbody’s death is that he was involved in the drug game business.

Many South African young musicians have died as a result of witchcraft and gang violence, according to social media users. The late DJ’s ally, Cassper Nyovest, has been warned. In addition to Ricky Rick’s suicide earlier this year, Prokid’s car accident last year, and Killer Kau’s suicide, he was close to most of the recently deceased musicians.

Sumbody was scheduled to perform at the Veuve Clicquot Picnic on his death date, according to media personality Somizi. Somizi recalled that Sumbody invited him as his guest on a fateful day before the DJ’s untimely death.

Watch DJ Sumbody Dead Body Pics