Uses of Digital Pressure Regulator

In a short time, these regulators have become very popular. They provide flexibility, robustness and have the capability to handle high pressure electronically. Before them, manual regulators were used to control the pressure which was dangerous for the system and for the workers. At that time, many people were required to maintain a constant pressure. But now with the Electronic Pressure Regulator, you can perform the same task in less time and with minimum effort. 


Below we have written some most common uses of digital Air pressure Regulator:

Direct control of Pressurized Air and Gases:

In the past, it was never a piece of cake to control the pressure in a process chamber where temperature and pressure should be controlled strongly. It is necessary for maintaining the quality of the product and to ensure the safety of the workers. But now you can easily maintain a constant pressure in a process chamber electronically with the help of an electronic gas pressure regulator.

The best thing is that you can control it by just sitting on your seat with an electrical signal. To release the pressure the bleed valves are used that provide continuous venting. In the dangerous cases same as we have discussed here, you should use additional valves to control the relief. This addition makes the system complex but ensures safety. 

Medical/Analytical Applications:

Digital pressure regulators are widely used in various medical or analytical applications.The best example is a digital blood pressure checking equipment that puts a set amount of the pressure on the arm and releases it slowly. It uses enough pressure to provide the accurate output with the help of a pressure regulator. 

Leak Testing:

Electronic air pressure regulators are very common. Mostly they are used to check the leakages of gas pipes. For instance, when you install the Air Conditioner in your home or car then you have to make sure that the pipes are fine and there’s no leakage. If they are not in a good condition then the gas will be leaked and the Air conditioner will not provide the expected results. Mostly the service persons maintain the high pressure in the pipes to find out the leakages with the help of the digital pressure regulator. This process is mostly practiced in the summer when you fill gas in the compressor of the air conditioner. 


In manufacturing industries, a large quantity of the product is packed with the help of the large packaging machines. These machines use a digital pressure regulator to maintain the right pressure to pack the food items. So they can remain in their real condition even after a long time. To make that happen it is necessary to pack them with a controlled amount of pressure. In this way, the environment will not affect the items available inside the packaging. 

Final Thoughts:

A digital pressure regulator is a very useful tool and you can use it for various purposes in daily life, if you know how to use them precisely.