Watch Cewek Google Viral Video

In the last few days, a video titled “Cewek Google Viral” has taken over the internet and social media because it shows a female asking the shopkeeper for directions due to Google showing the wrong route in the Google Maps application. In this article, we will be talking about cewek google viral video and other information about it.

What Cewek Google video all about?

A beautiful woman greeted the fried seller in a voice that sounded a lot like the one on Google Maps providing directions to the fried seller’s location. Nowadays, it is easier to find tourist attractions that have never been visited before. We can easily discover new tourist attractions thanks to Google Maps.

However, Google’s map application can be ‘inconsequential’ sometimes when showing the way to a destination. In Google Maps, drivers almost enter a ravine after straying from the ‘horror’ road. Thus, we end up lost in strange places instead of arriving at the intended tourist spot.

While Google Maps may be annoying when it comes to directions, it turns out that there are still many people who are curious about the owner of the female voice that shows directions. Recent Instagram account @dagelan revealed who voiced directions on Google Maps to satisfy netizen curiosity.

Google Driver Gets Lost and Asks Residents and Netizens for Directions: Use Google Maps. A 52-second video shows a beautiful woman buying fried food by the side of the road.

Watch Cewek Google Viral Video