Watch Cop Who Had Train Ran on Her Video

Watch Cop Who Had Train Ran on Her Video Below – Last week, five La Vergne police officers were dismissed after an investigation into various s*xual encounters involving members of the night shift, a city spokesperson told WSMV 4. Another three officers were also suspended without pay following the same investigation.

It appears that the investigation started on December 12 when Mayor Jason Cole notified the city’s human resources department about suspicions of s*xual misconduct.

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Based on Cole’s claim, another officer of the La Vergne Police Department has a romantic relationship with another officer. There are reportedly a number of staff members among them, including Sgt. Lewis Powell, Officer Patrick Magliocco, Officer Larry Holladay, Detective Seneca Shields, and Officer Juan Lugo-Perez.

A report on the investigation revealed that all of the males admitted having secret intimate connections with Hall. The police department gym was also where the police officers were on duty when they had been intimate activity before returning to their desks for the day.

There was also a “Girls Gone Wild”-style party with several policemen and their families involved in the investigation. The event took place on the houseboat of La Vergne police Sergeant Eric Staats. A complaint claims that Hall’s top fell off and the officers were intoxicated.

Police president Staats, a member of the La Vergne Fraternal Order of Police, has been informed of the investigation. However, none of the policemen involved want to speak at this time. As of now, it is not clear if appeals will be filed.

Watch Cop Who Had Train Ran on Her Video