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Gautami Patil is a popular face among social media for her dancing skills. But currently she is trending over the internet for her leaked viral video which has created a huge controversy. Ultimately it came out of as a shock for public and everybody is curious to know what this fuss is all about. So keep reading to know the reason behind the Gautami Patil New Viral Video and other related information about her.

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Who is Gautami Patil?

Gautami Patil was born in 1996 in Maharashtra. At a young age, she lost her father. Growing up, she lived with her maternal uncle. In the 6th grade, she moved to Pune. The influence of Maharashtrian culture made her lean towards Lavani. She is now a professional Lavani dancer. Studying was not something she was particularly interested in. 

From the start, she was focused on making money. The goal of her life is to earn enough money to provide for her family. She has been dancing professionally for four years now. Her career began as a background dancer.

Gautami Patil Boyfriend/Relationship

There is no information about her relationship status. As of yet, there has been no controversy surrounding her relationship. Her current focus is on her career. However, we will keep you updated.

Gautami Patil net worth:

The estimated net worth of Gautami Patil is $2 million. We do not have exact information about her earnings. According to reports, she earns a decent salary. Moreover, with her dancing skills, she has won the hearts of many. 

Gautami Patil New Viral Video online

According to reports, Gautami Patil’s viral MMS appears to have ordinary content, while she dances and performs showing tempting moves; this is why the video is being discussed widely. The reason why everyone is going crazy on social media at the moment is because she posted a very explicit content video under the shed of MMS. There are plenty of people searching for the video and and link to download this content. Below we have shared the link.