Watch Millicent Omanga Viral video

Former nominated member of parliament Millicent Omanga is not new to controversy. She has time above numbers been criticized for her care free dancing style, especially during the recent campaign period.

So after a lengthy silence following her loss in her bid to become the Nairobi women’s representative, the politician has returned on social media with a bang. This is after she posted a video of herself dancing that elicited mixed reactions.

Dressed in a Dera Omanga was dancing to a song called nimenona to mean am fat. This was more a way of trying to shut body shamers who for a long time have been on her case for being oversize.

The comment section to that video was filled with both love and hate but that really never seemed to bother the politician.

The comedian recently made a video mimicking the former senator Millicent Omanga who is also vying for the Nairobi Women Representative seat.

In the video, Kennar is seen shaking his stuffed behind to Sipangwingwi song to show how the senator gets on stage when she is called upon to address the crowd.

The particular incident Kennar was mimicking was during the event where the UDA party was announcing William Ruto as their presidential candidate.

The then video had the senator trending with some people applauding her dance style while others were calling her out terming the dance she did inappropriate.

Now with crazy Kennar reenacting that the senator had this to say;

“Tales of the Crazy Kennar is definitely a super talented guy. Hopefully, I will have a chit-chat with your entire team and you soon. I celebrate your talent bro keep winning. Lakini unafaa viboko mingi wewe balance hio kitu fiti.”

It is even more interesting that she joked about it, and expressed interest to meet the comedian and his team.

Omanga is not the only popular person who has been a victim of body shaming. When Nadia came back for her first post-pregnancy live show back in July, she was famously roundly mocked for her stage outfit- a bodysuit that was clearly a size smaller for her new body with the extra baby weight. That incident may or may not have had something to do with her hesitation to make frequent posts on social media.