How to Convert JPG to PDF Document

Well, if you want to compress image data without any quality loss, then its ideal to use JPG raster image file type. On the other handy, PDF (Portable Document Format) is lets you store and even share different kinds of data without impacting on the quality. No matter whether you have images, texts, bullets, e-signs, … Read more

Can SMEs Encourage Customers To Spend More Online?

Can SMEs Encourage Customers To Spend More Online?

Can SMEs Encourage Customers To Spend More Online? U.S. spending is trickling down, falling for the first time in May this year. Rapid inflation and interest rate heights are responsible for complicating these matters. People are being guarded with their finances for a good reason. Still, SMEs need to stay afloat despite the downturn. If … Read more

How To Create The Best Media Ads

best media ads

Display advertising is a marketing tool designed to grab attention, captivate, and engage emotions – all at once so that the product is remembered and the user takes the desired action. Display advertising includes online and offline sources, making this method universal and highly practical.  Designing attention-grabbing media ads requires time and effort, as it’s … Read more

Microsoft Xbox Live Outage – Status and Downtime

microsoft xbox live outage

If you are looking out to spend your weekend by playing some cool games then we have got the bad news for you. Reports say that microsoft xbox live outage is doen for many people. As per Downdetector, reports says that it started spiking shortly right after 2:15 PM EST, and right now the numbers … Read more