4 Year Old Girl Found Shot Dead in Car Backseat on Interstate reported Police


A four-year-old girl was shot deadon the car's backseat on a Georgia highway, says police.

DeKalb Police Department officers rushed to I-85 north on North Druid Hills Road in Atlanta after they got call of a shooting at around 7:38 p.m.

When police reached, they found a 4 year old girl was injured with a gunshot wound, according to CBS46.

Police comfirmed the girl had died due to gun injury and that no other people was harmed

The DeKalb Police Department reported, Homicide Assault team has started an investigation into the shooting.

Numerous cases reported in U.S. where children have been shot while in a vehicle on highways.

6 children aged up to 11 have been fatally shot there since January 1.